Why Web Standard?

The term Web Standard gets thrown around the web quite often without any significant thought or meaning behind it to the end user. YOU! For your website to function properly and be indexed properly it needs to be written correctly.

With a web standard web site you get higher search engine results, more accessibility to your website, and it's a quicker load time for your website which won't drive away your clients.

With an ever expanding market of people having "smart phones" accessibly to your site and product is paramount. The more people that see your website and product the higher chance you have of landing a sale. Without a web standard designer your website will go unnoticed by millions of people across the web, which in turn can lead to lost sales.

With TB Web Productions, you can rest assured that each and every webpage we produce and make, all follow strict web standard rules for compatibility, ease of loading, as well as the best possible score you can have on search engines.