Notable Projects

Hufeic Warta Website

wartaThis website was done for the Polish Scouting Organization Boys Division. It was completed in February of this year. This website is unique since that it is updateable online anywhere in the world. Any troop leader is allowed to edit and support the website from any computer with internet access. This website was designed to showcase their outdoor sprit with their enthusiasm for everything natural.

Get Rich Like This

richThis is one of the first "Big Background" websites that we have created. The main focal point in these kind of websites is the big background image in the back and the rest of the navigation and website are transparent to show as much of the image as possible. These are great for travel agencies or someone that is going for the unique look.

Chicago Aviation

CAChicago Aviation was a website and corporate branding done for one organization. Everything from shirts to paint schemes to their entire website was done by us. The currently have closed their doors but might reopen in the near future. Their website consisted of detailed graphic work and behind the scenes coding work with a log in system and unique identifiers for everyone.